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How Transformation Happens

Our core mission is to equip the church to heal and disciple the nations. This all begins with a transformational healing seminar in a local church. Approximately half the churches that have used our seminar have doubled in size in under a year. One church more than doubled in three months and the pastor said it changed their whole city.



Peace Without Prozac:

Book That Heals

Ken Unger’s new book goes beyond self-help to self-healing. He tells how he developed Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain by helping a woman discover and heal the awful pain of 11 years of molestation at the hands of her father. He achieved more in 3 sessions than most can do in 3 years.


is Forever

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Ken R. Unger

Ken R. Unger prepared for most of his life for TIP with degrees in Marketing, Management, Psychology, Theology, and Discipleship. But academic training wasn’t enough. Intimate experiential retreats transformed him and he was commissioned to develop similar events for clergy. Since 1980 he designed, conducted, and refined biblically-based experiential Seminars and Retreats that integrate psychology and theology in practical ways that Transform people, churches, business people, and counselors. Professional Counselors say one event is worth a year of therapy.

We Address the Core of Your Issues
and Heal the Pain

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The Transformation Incorporation Project (TIP)

Transformation is so rare and precious that it invokes images of radical change; earthbound caterpillars become butterflies and soar. TIP trains Transformational Counselors and Church and Business Leaders to share life-changing Transformation with our hurting world. Information is good, but the use of books is endless and much study wearisome. Reformation is better, but most people have repented 100 times and have little faith that the hundred and first time will change anything. Motivation is exciting but even Zig Ziglar, the master of motivation, likens it to a shower that you need every day. Transformation totally changes us. It is like an an epiphany we experience at the deepest core of our being and have an intimate support group that empowers us to understand and integrate the changes.



Why a Business AND a nonprofit?

The timing couldn’t be better for TIP. There’s an old adage that if we can bow the Church it will bend the world, and our world certainly needs transformation. Where sin abounds PAIN abounds. There’s no such thing as a sin that didn’t hurt anyone. Our societies’ pain, suffering, and problems are unparalleled. Drug overdoses, opioid epidemics, military suicides, and social lifestyle issues spawned needs so vast that we need full-time workers to train the counselors, churches, and business leaders that need us. TIP will transform our world by training others to discover their purpose by helping to hurt people heal and building a healthy interpersonal relationship. When we heal their pain they won’t need the aspirin.


All sales of books, e-books, audio books, and video courses support the mission of One Life Ministries.


Why Traditional Counseling SELDOM Works quickly

Traditional Counseling usually focuses on three things: cognitive (talk) therapy, behavior modification, and prescription drugs. But our deepest problems are rooted in unhealed emotional pain. Until our brokenness is healed it’s almost impossible to change. One other problem with secular therapy: God is excluded, and only God can heal. There’s an adage in medicine that the physician sets the bone but God heals the break. The same is true for our inner brokenness.


Counseling that TRULY works

What if all counselors were wonderful? What if they could truly heal and not just talk about it? What if they saw clients for three sessions instead of three years? Training takes just two years part-time and costs less than a year in college. They will be better trained and equipped than secular ones; better trained to heal and deal with the spiritual issues and emotional pain that destroys people rather than just offering drugs, behavior modification and talk therapy that merely treats symptoms. Expensive secular treatments can’t even mention God and without Him they fail 70% of the time.



Military: the Wounded Healer Operation (WHO)

Our military people need the support community of churches to help them heal and transition back into society. Over 450 per day call the military suicide hotline and it looks like somewhere between 32 and 50 take their own lives each day, and that’s just those who are on active duty. The problem is more than PTSD. Over 70% of them have never been in combat. Over 68% of them and 90+% of their children are on prescription drugs. Wounded Healers can help their fellow soldiers get the help and healing they need to get off drugs and avoid suicide. We can also train them to create a job for themselves by helping fellow soldiers heal.

Spiritual Mentoring

We train Spiritual Mentors to lead powerful organic discipleship groups and to offer spiritual mentoring to groups and individuals. Training for this is less extensive and even more inexpensive than transformational counseling. If every church had trained spiritual mentors running their small groups the impact would be astounding. The greatest benefits of anything the Bible has to offer are found through wisdom. Wisdom is the art of living skillfully. King Solomon said, “All things you desire cannot compare to her” (wisdom) – (Proverbs 3:15). He also said it’s a major key to happiness (vs. 13) and that in her hand are riches, honor, length of days, peace, pleasant paths and even a tree of life (vss. 16-18), alluding to all the benefits we accrue when we receive our heart’s desire (Pro. 13:12).

Counseling that Works

For years people have yearned to learn how to do what we do. Now they can. In two years part-time and for the cost of a year in college they can be better trained and equipped than secular counselors who spend 12 years up to $500k for a doctorate; better trained to heal and deal with the spiritual issues and emotional pain that destroys people rather than just offering drugs and talk therapy that treats symptoms. Expensive secular treatments can’t even mention God and without Him they fail 70% of the time.

Humane Resource Professionals (HRPs)

Too often, HR people get bogged down in logistics and paperwork. Every corporation needs Humane Resource people. Existing HR people or others who want a profession that helps people within existing businesses can train to be Humane Resource professionals. This training goes beyond spiritual Mentoring but not as far as Transformational Counseling. Every corporation would benefit from having access to these professionals. You can either train to do this within a large corporation or as a private practice to resource smaller businesses. As with all of our training, the cost and time commitment is far less than traditional education and will give you tools you will never receive from academia.



The Church is the greatest vehicle for Transformation the world has ever known.

Christianity is by far the largest religion on earth. One-third of the population – over two billion people – has been Christianized. You can see just by looking at a globe that those nations with a Christian foundation are far more successful and prosperous than those who don’t have that.

Transformational Businesses

What if people loved going to work? What if their workplace became healthy instead of toxic and their valuable Human Resources were treated humanely? Our training doesn’t cost it pays. Dysfunction at work is very expensive: 90%of employees hate their job, 75% quit because of the boss. The wrong hire can cost many times the salary and millions to repair the damage. Sickness, Divorce and Ethical and Moral issues cost companies billions every year. Good business, healthy business is based on great relationships. We give your key people the interpersonal skills they never learned in school. World class business consultants design training to Transform your Corporate Culture, improve your bottom line, detoxify your workplace and resolve your specific problems.

Good business, healthy business is based on great Relationships. Your key people can develop the interpersonal skills they never learned from a MBA. Healthier and happier workers are more successful and they create a working environment that employees love.

One Life Ministries now offers a Restoration Over Recovery (ROR) Program for jails and prisons.

Email us for details at [email protected].

Why People Believe In Us

“I’ve been in therapy for over 20 years. I’ve gone to every event I could find that promised healing. This did more for me
than anything I’ve ever done.”

“This was the most profound weekend of healing in my life. Most events fill the head but do little for the healing of the
heart. I cannot say enough about this experience. I’m awed by the deep lasting changes I see in myself. So is my wife.”

“God touched me on stuff I carried around for many years. This is something that can lead one to getting a grip on
things that have bound us for years.”

“I have been in therapy for years and have not accomplished in all those years as much as I did this weekend. I felt feelings I didn’t know were there. I felt safe. I didn’t want to come to this retreat and now I don’t want to leave.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about Transformation Incorporated?
Transformation Incorporated is a friendly, faith-based life transformation Spiritual Mentors company based in Huntington Beach, California. We offer experiential exercises and events to help connect to God and find healing for a variety of ailments.
At Transformation Inc, we believe that you shouldn’t just treat the symptoms but address the core of your issues and heal the pain. We have been using our unique and effective Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain for the past 20 years. In small groups, we teach clients how to use their spiritual gifts to heal emotional pain and find relief from a variety of ailments.
Pain can come from a variety of places such as a broken heart, loss of a loved one or job, stress or anxiety, or trauma. The body and soul are intrinsically connected and such emotional suffering can cause physical pain as well. Our healing retreats offer the space and professional guidance to overcome these more primal pains and begin to recover.
When you give us a call, you will be connected directly with our life transformation coach so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.
Are your events biblically based?

YES! Everything we do and teach is founded on the Bible. We will never do anything that violates biblical standards.

So, does that mean only Christians can attend?

No, but since only God can heal, a person should be open to believing in God. Jesus healed nonbelievers, so do we. All our events are “seeker friendly.”

What things change through healing?

While we’ve seen physical healings of tumors, cancer and other physiological ailments, we focus on healing emotional pain. However, the body and soul are intricately related. At our retreats people have resolved issues related to depression, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, schizophrenia, ADD and ADHD, anxiety attacks, agoraphobia, multiple personalities, ritual abuse, grief, divorce recovery, family and relationship issues, and just about any neuroses you can name. Healing affects everything.

What methods do you use?

For 20 years I have pioneered and refined a remarkably effective technique I call the STEP Therapy: Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain. In small groups, we teach people to use their spiritual gifts and intuition through the Spirit to heal emotional pain. The pain can come from a broken heart, loss of a loved one or job, rejection, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, or any variety of suffering.

What do you mean by, "Don't treat the symptoms, heal the pain?"

Most therapy merely treats symptoms, usually with prescription drugs or counseling. Underneath all dis-ease is unhealed pain. When we uncover core primal pains and resolve them, symptoms (depression, weight issues, rage, etc.) often simply dissolve.

What if someone is afraid to come to a retreat?

I was afraid of every retreat I attended. I feared nothing would happen or too much would happen. I was scared it would hurt or I would feel nothing; afraid I’d be embarrassed or just come away empty and worse off. All my fears were unfounded. The long term affect of not dealing with issues causes far more pain than facing them. Every retreat I attended helped me, most dramatically. I shudder to think where I would be had I not done the healing work I have. Nothing has improved my life more, nor paid higher dividends, in all ways. That’s what motivated me to offer events for others.

I don't think I can afford this now.

We all feel that way. We spend money on things, vacations and Christmas presents but neglect our very soul. The best investments I have ever made have been those that helped my own growth, development and healing. Nothing else has improved my quality of life more. Similar events can cost thousands of dollars. We keep our costs low, but if you are truly needy we will offer you a partial scholarship. We don’t want anyone to miss out because of money.

How can I co-sponsor events?

Glad you asked that. I will now go anywhere in the world to do an event. We can offer retreats for as few as 10 people, seminars for 75 or more. If you help arrange an event, you can attend for free. You may even be able to receive a financial bonus. Write us at [email protected] for more info. Tell us about your group and what you hope to accomplish. GET IN TOUCH

How can I learn more about your events?

We have articles describing our Retreats and Seminars in detail. Email us at [email protected] for a copy of them. Specify which event you want to know about. GET IN TOUCH

I see you have E-books for sale. Can I get your books in print?
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What is your doctrinal position?

We believe in the Bible as authoritative for all of life. We also believe in the historic, Orthodox doctrines of the Christian Church. We also believe that our role is to learn how to love God above all else and our neighbors as ourselves. All the law is summed up in these two Great Commandments.