Interviews & Articles with Ken Unger

The Ultimate Breakthrough:

A Book that Heals

Ken Unger explains how his new book goes beyond self-help to self-healing. He tells how he developed Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain by helping a woman discover and heal the awful pain of 11 years of molestation at the hands of her father. He achieved more in 3 sessions than most can do in 3 years.

Man Heals Pain from the Womb

Ken Unger shares the story of a man whose parents tried to abort him. God can heal all pain that messes up our lives, even the pain we don’t remember. When you heal your pain you don’t need Prozac or any other addictive self-destructive habits.

Peace Without Prozac

You don’t need harmful drugs to treat anxiety and depression. Ken Unger’s book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, explains the seven simple steps anyone can take to destroy depression and annihilate anxiety.

Ken Unger

America’s Soul Doctor

Ken Unger didn’t set out to become America’s Soul Doctor. By the age of thirty, he had been a pastor for five years and a husband for three and he was burning out on both. That’s when a spiritual retreat transformed his life forever. A profoundly nurturing community of genuine love and healing showed him how many lives could be helped in a short period of time. Experiential exercises, vulnerable authentic teachers, and deep, intimate relationships transformed him in ways that prescription drugs, education, and traditional counseling never could.


When he got home, people asked him to offer similar retreats for friends and colleagues. He never imagined the powerful impact his retreats made on virtually everyone who attended. Now, almost 30 years later, he still offers life-changing Retreats to any who want to “transform their life in a weekend.” People who attend have likened them to a health spa for the soul.


As he progressed on his own spiritual growth and healing journey his Retreats also evolved. To the basic Spiritual Growth Retreat, he added a Becoming Childlike Retreat, an Inner Journey Retreat, and in recent years a Spiritual Healing Retreat. Each level goes deeper into the psyche; each produces wonderful changes in virtually all who attend. Therapists say they are worth a year in therapy.

As Ken learned to heal the psychic pain that almost destroyed his own life, people sought him out for their own personal healing. This birthed his amazing healing process known as STEP Therapy, Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain. His new book The Ultimate Breakthrough explains this simple, gentle, yet powerful healing process. Instead of treating symptoms in endless months and years of emotional archeological digs, it heals the primal pain that fuels most of our problems.


When clients wanted to treat depression without drugs, he developed Seminars like Peace without Prozac. To train businesses for better interpersonal skills, he designed Improving Your Emotional IQ. As relationships crumbled he designed Metamorphosis to teach people the skills that make relationships thrive. When companies struggled with dysfunction in the workplace, he started the Healed at Work Conferences.


Perhaps what has been the most rewarding is the many people Ken talks to many years after attending his events who tell him they were a true watershed in their own spiritual growth, healing and development that five, ten, twenty years later they are still different as a result of one retreat or seminar.

Who is Ken Unger?

Our Founder and Director Dr. Ken R Unger is now a Global Peace Ambassador appointed by the Universal Peace Federation to promote world peace through God and Family. (

Media: Ken is a true Renaissance man with a fascinating wealth of experiences. Just in media work, he has been a commercial actor, model, and voiceover talent; hosted an award-winning radio show and done countless radio and TV interviews. His dynamic style and intriguing use of experiential exercises guarantee that he is always invited back.

Academic Degrees: Marketing, Management, Psychology, and Theology.

Awards: Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who among Writers, Who’s Who in College; Governor’s Appointee to the White House Council on Families; Angel Award (for Best Religious Show on Secular Radio); Rotary Fellowship to study abroad; Sigma Nu Scholar of the Year.

Life Experience: For over 35 years Ken worked with inner-city youth and in psychiatric hospitals, prisons, churches, and colleges.

Healing and teaching: Since 1979 he has taught classes and led Retreats & Seminars on spiritual growth and emotional healing in the US and Bahamas.

As a Spiritual Psychotherapist: Ken has used STEP Therapy in his work with pro athletes and coaches, titans of industry and TV personalities, child molesters, prison inmates, addicts, sociopaths, psychotics, and satanic abuse victims and perpetrators. He’s helped people from all walks of life heal the pain that underlies their failures and out-of-control compulsive behaviors.

Writing: As a former atheist who writes both fiction and nonfiction, books and screenplays, Ken has been called an American C. S. Lewis. He has two published and three as yet unpublished nonfiction books, dozens of articles, six training manuals, two unpublished novels, and three screenplays (One is currently in negotiation with a Hollywood producer). Along with over 100 articles, his published books include True Sexuality and the soon-to-be-released Ultimate Breakthrough.

He was also Dean of Counseling at the largest Bible College in the world, pastored three churches over 23 years, founded his own business, and founded and run the non-profit One Life Ministries since 1982.

He was a corporate executive for the Heinz Company, an adjunct professor, and worked in a private psychiatric hospital and a state youth psychiatric hospital; he ran coffee houses (including one in the prison where Shawshank Redemption was filmed), promoted rock concerts, sang lead in a 1960’s rock band, fought and won a case that opened up homeschooling in Ohio, raised four grown kids, lived in two communes, and edited the Hollywood Free Paper, Ohio Edition.