Peace Without Prozac Paperback

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Peace Without Prozac isn’t a book about healing; it’s a book that heals. Unlike any other book written, it takes the reader beyond self- help to divine self-healing.  Based on rock solid biblical principles, it’s written to be a paper psychiatrist. Each chapter builds on the previous one and uses exercises, readings, journaling and prayers that help the reader connect with God’s Spirit to reveal their core pain and enable him or her to heal the core pain that has held them back. It’s also designed to be a self-healing workbook that can be used in small groups to enable and empower people use their untapped healing gifts to heal one another.
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10 reviews for Peace Without Prozac Paperback

  1. S. costales (verified owner)

    A great compelling read. Ken shares his eye opening insightful life experiences in a candid and empowering way. He explains how completing unhealed emotional pain allows us to gain control over our lives to increase spiritual awareness, peace of mind and our higher Self intentions.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve given this book to several friends, those who have read it AND done the work have all benefited greatly.Read it slow and absorb what God reveals, find his lasting life time peace. WELL WORTH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT ! If you can ever do one of Ken retreats do it ! However this book is just a fraction of that cost.

  3. John T. Carr (verified owner)

    Everything this author writes and says is Excellent!
    I Not Only recommend this Excellent book, but recommend attending his Seminars.
    It could Very well change your life.
    John T. Carr
    Charitable Giving Foundation

  4. ERB (verified owner)

    Great book!

  5. David Hummer (verified owner)

    David Hummer
    This book is a powerful tool for healing. I keep a number of copies and hand them out to people in need of working thru issues in their lives. I also ran a weekly meeting for a year using this book and saw many people get healing and start to live a fuller life. The book is perfect for this as it gives insight and the tools to use for yourself to discover what issues hold you back in your life and how to work thru them. I also hosted three weekend seminars were Ken ministered Transformational Healing and saw almost everyone get set free from past issues and walked out a better, more joyful person. Very powerful!
    Dave Hummer
    Restoration Ministries

  6. Martin Heynen (verified owner)

    This book works wonders!
    The insights, exercises, Biblical prayers, and meditations contained in this book work wonders! So many aspects of my past and my outlook on life have been put back in their proper perspective. Old wounds have been healed (including many that I had forgotten), and there is genuine hope in my heart for the future. I have since given a copy to my dad, and I am praying he will experience the same and more after reading it.

    Everything in this book is presented from a Biblical and practical standpoint (keep your Bible handy when reading!) Chapter 16 about why we should be praying in the name of the Lord Jesus is FANTASTIC! I can see how PWP could well be utilized in a group or small-group setting. After reading this book, I am praying about forming my own small-group around the principles and exercises presented here. Praise God!

    I can’t wait to go to one of Ken Unger’s healing seminars or retreats!

  7. Charlene Bleakley (verified owner)

    Excellent Read for all Americans!
    The substance of the book was so eloquently written so that the reader had such clarity in the message that the author was conveying to all of his readers! His message of what can be done with so many people of all ages on our current drug/prescription dependency was such a positive step forward of hope for all of us in America in dealing with this critical issue right now! Ken needs to be a part of the now administrations opioid program that Kellyanne Conway and others are working on at the present time in Washington DC!

  8. sean (verified owner)

    Depth in personal discovery with real solutions !
    This book is refreshing going beyond the norm. It shows you in a workbook like process how to access the healing power of Christ to solve the underlying causes of pain. All things are possible through Christ but it helps to have a guide and this book is the perfect guide. Trauma is an epidemic and this book is a tool everyone should have in their toolbox !!!!!

  9. Pamela (verified owner)

    Fantastic wisdom for Peace in a world where there is so little of it.
    I have found that, Dr. Ken Unger’s insight and inner personal healing techniques get right down to the marrow of the reasons as to why we don’t have peace. Through reading this book He teaches you techniques that are pearls of wisdom that set you free from the brokenness of heart. I have found that when you are deeply hurting you to lose your peace. That’s why we use Prozac to dull our pain. He teaches one how to break those chains. In reading this book one can be a happy whole person. I plan on ordering more to pass out to those who need help to be happy and free.

  10. Pamela (verified owner)

    TRUE WISDOM of the AGES!
    Precious Pearls, Heal Your Pain without Opiods and Peace Without Prozac: order yours Today you will be glad you did!
    I have read all 3 ! Dr. Ken R. Unger has the wisdom of a modern day Solomon. Like David his writing is divinely inspired. Through reading and applying the principles in his book, you will find life giving pearls of wisdom that will be life altering. Dr Unger’s writings will give you the tools for an abundantly free life. He has captured the essence of truth and devotion. He has given us a road map to peace, love, and wisdom that will stand the test of time. Through daily meditation on the wisdom found in Dr unger’s book, and applying it your life will transform into one of a personal relationship with our Daddy, God.

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