Precious Pearls Paperback

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We all want happiness … Why is that so difficult?

Like treasure buried in your own back yard, Ken shows you gems of wisdom hidden in our Judeo Christian traditions. Here are the master keys to joy, peace, purpose, love – a blessed and meaningful life. These wonderful lessons on love and life help you discern which values will serve you best, how to treat money, your family, problem people, loved ones, and even yourself.

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2 reviews for Precious Pearls Paperback

  1. Pamela (verified owner)

    TRUE WISDOM of the AGES!
    Precious Pearls, Heal Your Pain without Opiods and Peace Without Prozac: order yours Today you will be glad you did!
    I have read all 3 ! Dr. Ken R. Unger has the wisdom of a modern day Solomon. Like David his writing is divinely inspired. Through reading and applying the principles in his book, you will find life giving pearls of wisdom that will be life altering. Dr Unger’s writings will give you the tools for an abundantly free life. He has captured the essence of truth and devotion. He has given us a road map to peace, love, and wisdom that will stand the test of time. Through daily meditation on the wisdom found in Dr unger’s book, and applying it your life will transform into one of a personal relationship with our Daddy, God.

  2. Charlene B. (verified owner)

    The substance of the book was so eloquently written so that the reader had such clarity in the message that the author was conveying to all of his readers! His message of what can be done with so many people of all ages on our current drug/prescription dependency was such a positive step forward of hope for all of us in America in dealing with this critical issue right now! Ken needs to be a part of the now administrations opioid program that Kellyanne Conway and others are working on at the present time in Washington DC!

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